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We love it when our vendors share valuable tips with us. In this post, our vendor – Sweet Indulgence writes about how to ensure you choose the right wedding cake. Read below.

Frosting – Buttercream or Fondant?

That’s the main question. Buttercream is often much more delicious, soft, and highly susceptible to smashing, but if you love the smooth, almost surreal-like look of fondant as much as we do, consider frosting the cake in buttercream first and then adding a layer of fondant over the entire confection.

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Cake by Sweet Indulgence

Borrow the best features of different designs

Your wedding cake consultant will have a host of wedding cake designs to share which you may not have considered or pictured as part of your day. If you’re stuck for inspiration, imagine how you would prefer to adopt a current design or combine elements from various cakes. It is by mixing and matching these various details, decorations, colors, and flavors that you can begin to customize a design that works to your taste. If your baker can sketch, request for a final sketch of the design to ensure you are both on the same page.

Be honest about your budget

It really is important that you trust your cake designer enough that you tell them your real budget. Real! There are lots of ways to translate blings, exotic flowers, lace, and string work into a wedding cake, and letting your designer know means they can work on ideas that are actually realistic. If you’re on a tight budget, think about having less drama on your cake, perhaps very few flowers, simple strips or blocks of color, rather than piped lace or a floral cascade. You can also consider cake separators as they also make cakes look taller. A 3 tier cake with a separator can have a similar feel as a 4 tier cake without a cake separator.

Don’t Make these Cake Mistakes

There are two cardinal sins of planning a custom wedding cake… The first is waiting until the last minute to design and order a cake. Most bakeries have their custom cakes calendared out weeks in advance. Special ingredients and decorations sometimes need to be ordered and, in some cases, created from scratch, which takes a considerable length of time experimenting with ideas.

The second mistake is to have too many people providing input. I’ve seen many brides driven crazy because they involved both sets of parents, friends, cousins, the entire bridesmaid party, etc. When you come to the bakery, keep your entourage down to one or two people at the most. Choosing a cake is about what feels good to you as the bride.

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Cake by Sweet Indulgence

Schedule a cake tasting appointment

Once you have an idea of what you want and how much you can afford to spend, research bakers in your area and schedule a few tasting appointments. (Pro tip: don’t schedule all of your tastings on the same day. The ensuing sugar crash will mean you ever want to look at a wedding cake again). During the tasting, you and your fiancé(e) will sample 4-6 flavors of cake and frosting, plus talk about designs and pricing with the baker. A cake tasting appointment is extremely helpful in finding the right baker for you and finding flavors you love. Fruit cakes are usually the most preferred type for weddings because they have a longer shelf life and can keep for very many weeks, months, or even years sometimes depending on the richness. Requesting flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet and the likes means you have to consume them on the day or as soon as possible. Some cakes are also very tender and may not give a perfect finish when covered with fondant so choose wisely, you may also tell your baker to advise on your preferred options.

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Cake by Sweet Indulgence

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